Why Self-Storage

There is a huge minimalism trend now, not only in fashion but also lifestyle.  There isn’t a week go by when you’re seeing another way to de stress your life or declutter your home.  Which both tend to include the same things.

No matter how much you want to declutter your house, there are just some things that you are not ready or wanting to get rid of.  Family heirlooms, a side unit that doesn’t fit in with your home décor but has been passed down from generations.  Without even knowing it so much of our belongings hold sentimental value.  Unlike photos, paperwork, music, films and books they can’t be stored on ‘the cloud’.  Self–Storage is still growing in the UK for this reason.

Whether you are downsizing, or not able to afford to upsize as your family grows there is always something that needs to be stored away.  Garden furniture, trampoline, summer garden house not everything can fit into a garage or shed.  Self-storage can help stop your BBQ or bikes  getting spoilt throughout the winter months.

Here at 1st Self Storage  we offer a large selection of insulated self-storage containers to be rented out on a minimum of a month.  Our units are insulated, giving you piece of mind that your belongings will be looked after.  With 24hr CCTV cameras and a gated access.  For availability and prices please click here.