Small Business Self-Storage

With over 30,000 small business starting up every year, moving straight into an office space or yard can be an expensive investment adding to an already tight budget.

For a small monthly rental a standard 20ft self-storage container can give you a 160 square foot of workable space.

With a little imagination and the right tools, the spacious area can be adapted into an office, a storeroom or even a workshop.


With simple and effective solutions there is no need to let your paperwork continue taking over your kitchen table or your work tools being stored in your garage or spare room.

Here are my top 9 small business that would suit using a self-storage container

  • Ebay seller
  • Etsy seller
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Bookkeeper
  • Market stall holder
  • Personal Trainer (Equipment)
  • Delivery Distributor
  • Construction Company (storage of tools and equipment off site)