My top 5 tips for working from home.

Working from home can easily lead to an unproductive day.  Whether you are freelancing, or your home is your office base it is important to stay productive and keep yourself organised.

Here are a few helpful tips to make working from home a success.


To avoid temptations, set your workspace up away from your TV and kitchen, where you might find yourself relaxing in non-working hours.  Let your family or if you share your house with friends, know that you are working and set some boundaries.  It is no different to a regular office, you need to have set working hours.


This is important, having a functional workspace is key.  Make the area you are working in organised and tidy, making sure you have enough space to work in.  Invest in a comfortable, high backed chair that is going to not make you want to keep getting out of it because its uncomfortable.  You are not going to get much work done if you’re not at your desk.


Make a diary, either in a diary or on a white board (possibly both), clearly showing you your weekly, monthly tasks.  This will allow you to keep organised and on track.  The benefit of a white board is jobs can easily be added and removed.  Get into the habit of keeping a check list, ticking off tasks you have done.  Not only will this help keeping you organised and know what jobs are left, mentally it will be very rewarding.

Time Keeping

The reality is you are your own boss and being the boss comes with responsibilities.  You must make sure you are keeping to deadlines and getting the jobs done.  Set yourself designated break times, if you find you work better in the morning use this time to your advantage.  As long as you are working enough ours in the day, make it work for you and stick to the time schedule.


If your work depends on the internet and being online, make sure the network you have is up to doing the job.  Research and find the fastest network in your area, ask neighbours what network they are on and if its good.  Get yourself organised.


In conclusion, working from home is great and gives you more flexibility but you need to make sure you stay organised and you are getting your tasks done, no day time T.V!


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