Military using Shipping Containers

Unlike other organisations, the military are constantly needing to move around and set up a temporary basis.  Having a base camp made from the more traditional bricks and mortar are not only costly and time consuming, they require a lot more preparation with footings and planning.

For many years the military have used modular shipping containers for

  • Meeting rooms
  • Barracks
  • Offices
  • Portable field Hospitals
  • Mobile command posts
  • Water treatment units
  • Portable generators
  • Portable field workshops
  • Field classrooms
  • Portable shower, laundry and toilet blocks

These are just a few examples, the flexibility of a shipping container with its steel weather resistant exterior can easily be transported by ship, rail or truck lending itself for quick and easy deployment when needed, with the extra bonus of units being able to be stacked and not needing any foundations.

Its an interesting concept to think that something so inexpensive and durable can be transformed for so many uses, even a town!