The cheapest self storage in Wisbech & King’s Lynn?

We know that price is a huge consideration when choosing self storage for your posessions. But is the best value going to be the cheapest? You want your items to be secure and protected.

Our storage units have insulation

1st Self Storage use brand new containers that we modify to insulate the roof to negate the possibility of condensation. Our containers are also modified so that they can be opened with one handle rather than the usual two.

Easy access

Our sites are planned with enough rooom between our storage units to drive your car or small van right up to, so you unload with the minimum of fuss. Many of our sites have 24/7 key card access.

Storage unit security

We supply every customer with a brand new highly secure padlock that is yours to keep. No one else has a key to it, not even the staff (so keep it safe!) . Oyr sites also have 24 hour CCTV.

Peace of mind is worth paying for

We are committed to providing and maintaining our storage facilities at the very best levels. Whether you are storing heirlooms, paperwork or vintage motorcycles, you can be assured they are in safe hands. 1st Self Storage offers superb value in self storage in the Wisbech & King’s Lynn area.