Business Self-Storage

With April creeping up on us, for lots of companies big and small it’s when they say goodbye to last year’s financial year and a big HELLO to the new financial year.

I know we heavily rely on storing all our information on the ‘Cloud’ or an accounting and business software.  It is a well-known fact that us British people can be a little ‘stuck in the mud’ and like to keep a good few half dozen files (at least) full of our paper trails.

Whether it be invoices, statements, payroll information I guarantee there is the last eight years information gathering dust in your office or garage or even a dining room.

From my own experience there is nothing worse than working in an untidy, unorganised environment.  The benefits of working in  clean and organised office can be very rewarding to your daily life and business.

Let’s make this year the day you get organised.  Keep your office storage relevant, realistically you are only going to need the past 2 years accounting information to hand.  All our self-storage units are insulated and air tight, meaning all your important paperwork will be kept and stored in dry, dust and rodent free units.  If you do need to find an important document you have archived, our storage centre is open 7 days a week.

Now is the time to start thinking and investing into your future, not tripping up or continuously moving old files from one shelve to another.  Let’s make some room for this year’s folders 😊

Please call us now to book your Self-Storage unit.