Blog 2 The perfect host…

Gathering with friends and family over the Christmas festivities is guaranteed fun, however the lead up for the family or person hosting can be very stressful.

It’s all fun and excitement when you agree to host, as the end of November comes closer the realisation hits that you need to get your house ‘visitor ready’.  I can guarantee that if you follow these few helpful hints you will enjoy being the host at Christmas.

Welcoming Environment.

I would recommend you starting with your front porch and entrance Hall.  Replace the coats, shoes, bags, scooters etc with a nice pot plant or a Christmas decoration and make space for your visitor’s coats and shoes.  Have some nice soft lighting around the house, this will give the impression of calmness, even if this isn’t the case.  These little details will make your guest feel welcome and that you are pleased they are visiting.



No one is asking you to become a domestic goddess overnight, just give yourself a few days to give your house a good clean.  Dust the lights and bookshelves, give your floor a good hoover and a freshen up.  Polish the taps in your bathroom and cloakroom and if there are any cobwebs that you’ve been noticing and ignoring get rid of them.  First impressions really do matter, with a damp cloth give your front door a wipe inside and out, this simple act will make a difference.  If you work a room at a time, I promise it will take less time than you think.


Guest Bedrooms

This might not be relevant to everyone, so apologies if it’s not.  Make sure your guest room is looking nice, clean and tidy.  Freshly washed bedding and towels are essential, leaving a little box of chocolates on the bed,  is guaranteed to make your guest feel welcome.  If you don’t normally have the heating on in your spare room, a few days before your guest are due to arrive, start heating the room, you don’t want it to feel like they are staying in an ice box!



Make sure you know when, what time and how long your guest are planning on staying for, a day or a few days?  Don’t give yourself extra headache, check if your guest has any allergies, likes or dislikes, this will help you to prepare for your food shopping and meals.  You don’t want to be dashing to your local shop searching for almond milk on Christmas eve.  Plan your meals, checking peoples plans.  Christmas is always such a busy time visiting friend and family.


Hopefully you should be all ready for visitors and hosting the best Christmas your family has had.  If you are thinking where all the coats, scooter etc are going to go.  Or you are needing to store some furniture, to make room for your Christmas decorations, call 01945 425118 to book your storage container.