Blog 2 – House Declutter

Living Room.

Your living room is one of the most lived in rooms of your house. Not only does it have an inviting, comfortable sofa but also the TV.

One minute your lounge is a TV room, then it’s a games room and in between a play room. If you are lucky there might just be enough space to be able to relax with a cup of tea and a good book?

Here are a few useful tips on how to make the most of your lounge and lose the clutter!

Although no one wants to see an empty space, even a large spacious room can look untidy and cluttered if there is too much furniture. A couple of comfty sofas or chairs (depending on room size) , coffee table, book shelf and a TV unit/stand is all you need. If there is space accessories with a side table and lamp, always handy for soft lighting in the evening.

I like everyone else love to have a flick through our latest favourite magazine. There really is no need to keep them all piled up on the coffee table. Once you have read it, pass it on to a friend, your local Library or Doctors. I am sure someone else will enjoy reading them, just as much as you.

I know toys are essential in any house with children (or even pets), before you have even started the day, you are doing a strange hop and jump dance around your lounge trying to get to the kitchen. I would recommend investing in a couple of good-sized baskets, these are great for storing all the toys in and there doesn’t have to be any order to them, just throw it all in! They will look great in your lounge and will make tidying the toys away child’s play!

Lastly try and make your lounge visitors welcome. You never know when a friend or family might pop in. Keep magazines tidy, toys (if possible) in one area or stored away in a basket. Don’t just leave loose pieces of paper and post lying around, pop it into a draw.

Just remember if your not ready to give away or pass your books/ornaments/summer cushions or accessories you can rent one of our easy to access storage containers.