Blog 1 Wardrobe De Clutter

Over the next few weeks I am going to be giving you some helpful advice on how to de-clutter your house intime for Christmas

De-cluttering your wardrobe can be a very hard process to follow through. Like anything you will start with the good intentions but as you start to look at your clothes a sentimental pull happens, and you start putting things back in your wardrobe for that ‘just in case situation’. And before you know it your wardrobe is looking just as cluttered and messy. Here are a few helpful tips that might just make the difference.

Rotate your summer and winter clothes. You are not going to be needing your thermal jumpers in June. This will also give you a huge sense of joy when it comes to getting your new seasons clothes back out, it will be like a whole new wardrobe without spending any money.
Start with one draw/shelf at a time. Have 3 piles – keep, maybe and charity/eBay. Once you have finished sorting out your clothes, neatly foldaway your keep pile and before you give yourself time to think, bag up the maybe and charity/eBay piles. If you had really wanted to keep the maybe clothes you would have put them into the keep pile.
Give the inside a good clean and freshen up, this will subconsciously make you feel much better about this space.
Organisation is the key to a tidy wardrobe. I don’t mean you have to colour code your clothes, just by keeping your clothes organised into sections i.e. work wear, t-shirts, jeans/trousers will make the wardrobe space more functional and easier to maintain.
Now that your wardrobe is looking all nice and tidy, try and stay on top of it. I am sure you will love your clothes so much more now you can see where things are and not have to rummage around for that one top!

If you find at the end of all this, you still are quite not ready to donate or sell your clothes why not try renting one of our storage containers. We have 20ft containers , all fully insulated. I’m sure once we are through de-cluttering your house, there are a few other items that you will need to store away.