5 self storage hacks

Want to make life easy for yourself? Follow these tips to make packing and organising your self storage as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Box it up

Using boxes allows you to stack and pack your container efficiently. Items just put in individually make it hard to stack and get out form the unit. plus items can easily get broken.

2. Label it

It may be obvious when you pack stuff away what it is, but 6 months down the line you won’t remember what you put where!

3. Avoid leaks

If you are storing machinery that uses fuel, make sure you drain the tanks first. This will extend the life of the machine and help to avoid tainting everything in the container with the smell of petrol or oil. If you are storing gardening equipment try to also remove grass clippings or soil, this will make a pong as well!

4. Make a plan

A sketch plan of what you have put where will be invaluable down the line if you need to get indivuidual things from the container.

5. Be organised

If you will need to dip in and out of your storage it is a good idea to leave access down the middle of it, so you can get to everything without having to empty the container each time!